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    Duct Repair Melbourne

    Duct Repair Melbourne: Improve Your Indoor Air Quality and Save Money on Your Energy Bills

    City Duct Repair Specialists are available here for outstanding duct sealing, repairing, and insulation services in Melbourne. You are on the right Duct Repair Melbourne page because we have the best team you can hire for air conditioning duct repair in Melbourne. We provide professional duct repairs, maintenance, and installation services for all ducted heating and cooling units and air ducts.

    Our Professional Duct Repair team is proud to always put the customer first to ensure the best possible experience. In addition, our technicians are highly trained, fully licensed, and ready to go for all forms of duct repair services.

    By fixing your ductwork, we can improve the efficiency of your HVAC system, and air ducts and make a favourable influence on indoor air quality. Our duct repair services are available throughout Melbourne.

    City Duct Repair is locally owned and operated in Melbourne since 1996. We have NADCA-Certified Professionals who come with a repair team to make the process easy and perfect. Our Duct Repair Melbourne teams have Certified Ventilation Inspector(CVI) certification and Air Systems Cleaning Specialist (ASCS) Certification given by NADCA.

    Duct Repair Melbourne

    Duct Repair Is Easy With Us In Melbourne

    We Have A Team And Tools For Fixing And Repairing All Air Ducts And Ducted Units.

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    Warning Signs You Need Duct Repair Service

    Warning Signs You Need Duct Repair Service

    Many issues in the home can be traced back to faulty air ducts. We have mentioned some signs to check to know if your duct needs repair.

    • Rattling Sounds From Ductwork: Rattling sounds from any of your HVAC ducts and air ducts on running them is a warning sign. It may be because of pests and blockages. It may need repair.
    • Higher Electricity And Gas Bills: When you suddenly get high energy bills that is because something is blocking the efficient operation. You will eventually see this reflected in your energy bills. Then it is the right time to check your duct.
    • Pests In Ductwork: Leaks and faults in ductwork cause pest infestation. This happens because of the holes in the ductwork which allow various pests to enter such as rodents, bugs, flies, and many more. If you notice signs of pest infestation then without delay contact a professional for duct repair.
    • Delay In Cooling And Heating: If you notice that rooms in the house are not getting evenly heated or cooled, this can be a duct problem. Mostly, it means your duct is not functioning appropriately and not blowing air effectively. Get your ducts checked and repaired after such signs.
    • Mouldy And Other Smells:Mould and mildew smell on your premises give you clear warning signs that your duct needs repair. Mould develops and its smell will be all around the house.

    Never ignore such signs. In any case, call our Duct Repair experts to save you from various problems caused by the improper functioning of ducts. We can fix it for you!

    Our Duct Repair Services

    Repairing a broken or blocked duct is very easy for our technicians. We can do many things to repair and restore your ducts and their performance. Our Duct Repairs Melbourne team has all resources to check and repair ducts.

    Duct Inspection

    Duct Inspection

    We have a Certified Ventilation Inspector in our Duct repair team to check and inspect HVAC and air ducts. You can rest assured that we will find all faults and problems.

    Multi-Split System Air Conditioning Duct Repair Melbourne

    Multi-Split System Duct Repair

    We have a fix for your Multi-Split System that is not pouring enough cool air, hot air, or sounding noisy. Our specialists can aid with that issue of yours in no time.

    Duct Leakage Repair Melbourne

    Duct Leakage Repair

    Lack of proper sealing or old age of ducts can cause leakage. Call us today, if you notice some visible signs that your duct needs repair. We will identify any issues and fix them.

    Ducted Heating Repairs Melbourne

    Gas Ducted Heating Repairs

    We provide efficient Duct Heating Repair services in Melbourne. Did you have that one room in your home that just did not warm up? Call our heater duct repair technicians to help you.

    Duct Replacement Melbourne

    Air Duct Repair Melbourne

    Our professional duct repair staff ensures your air duct system is running at peak efficiency. In case it needs repair then, our technicians will do it at affordable rates.

    Duct Cleaning Service

    Duct Sealing

    Regain the comfort of breathing in fresh air by contacting our duct sealing service experts. We seal your ducts and find out if there is a need for repair. In addition, you can expect sanitization!

    Ceiling Cassettes

    Ceiling Cassettes Repair

    Grills and vents of Ceiling Cassettes can get clogged and non-operation because of many reasons. However, you get an inspection and repair service from us to solve all your problems.

    Gas Heating

    Gas Heating Ducts Repair

    Many major problems are common in ducted gas heating systems. We have experts for solving all issues people face while using gas heating systems. We can fix vents and grills, airflow, and gas ducts.

    Floor Standing

    Floor Standing Ducts Repair

    We can fix damaged ducts in your Floor Standing ACs and coolers. We are also available for regular HVAC duct repair and maintenance services. We make it easy for you to get duct repair solutions.

    Damaged Duct? No Worries, We Are Here For You With 24/7 Duct Repair, Leakage & Pipe Replacement Work

    For emergency duct repair in Melbourne, for residential and commercial areas, we have technicians who understand the busy schedule of our clients and are available 24/7 for Duct Repair, Leakage & Pipe Replacement Work. That is why we provide services irrespective of time. Yes! we work according to the client’s priorities. We are always ready to assist you even on weekends or holidays. Furthermore, you can appoint our professional duct repairs team for the same day as well as emergency residential duct repair. Besides, we will not charge extra for any emergency air duct repair service.

    Also, our professionals are certain to satisfy your requirements. We provide 100% satisfaction with our services. Feel free to call us anytime for airflow and leakage tests and 24/7 Duct Repair, Leakage & Pipe Replacement Work. We will ensure you the very best professionals we send to inspect and fix your house ducts and pipes.


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    Get Free CO Gas Testing With Our Duct Repair Service

    Before repair, our team checks whether your ducts have monoxide gas or not. If found, we clean them and repair your ducts. You should be happy to know that Carbon Monoxide Testing comes free with our duct repair and cleaning service. However, you will have to pay when you call us only for Carbon Monoxide Testing, Deodorisation, or Sanitisation. Carbon Monoxide(CO) is a poisonous gas whose increasing concentration in air ducts can be lethal. NADCA recommends Carbon Monoxide Testing every six months for homeowners and commercial kitchen owners.

    Process Of Our Duct Repair Service

    At City Duct Repair, we understand how difficult it can be to regulate the air conditioning and heating system in your home. That’s why we offer an affordable Duct Heating & Air Conditioning Service that quickly and effectively repairs your ducts. Here is our process:

    • First, a technician will inspect the inside of your home to determine where the leak is happening. It’s important to find the source of a leak since this will affect how the repair is carried out.
    • Once a technician knows where the leak is happening, he will take steps to contain it with tape or sealant.
    • Next, he’ll remove the vents covering the affected areas with his vacuum cleaner— this step is referred to as “vacuuming out” your ducts.
    • He’ll then use a flexible hose attached to his excavator machine to clean out any debris from your vents with a brush or vacuum cleaner attachment.
    • Once he finishes cleaning out the debris, he’ll snake new flexible ductwork into place onsite for permanent repairs.

    In any case, call our Duct Repair experts to save you from various problems caused by the improper functioning of ducts. We can fix it for you!

    Process Of Our Duct Repair Service in Melbourne

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    Professional Duct Repair Service Melbourne

    Some Amazing Benefits of Professional Duct Repair

    • Maintain Efficiency As New: Professional duct repair of defective parts can improve the heating and cooling efficiency of your home. The transfer of warm and cool air will be even and satisfying.
    • Fix Harmful Noises From Ducts: Damaged ducts start transferring harmful noise levels. Professional duct repair can fix harmful noise levels coming from various ducts and ducted units installed in your house.
    • Saves From Health Issues: When you use damaged air ducts and ducted cooling units, the chances of serious issues such as mould growth, asthma, and air infections increase. You can subsidize it with professional duct repairs. It improves indoor air quality.
    • Reasonable Repair Actions: Professional duct repairs can remedy many issues- fix worn-out parts with high-quality improvement at a reasonable cost. Repairing worn-out parts also improves the efficiency and cooling performance of your AC unit.
    • Save On Energy Bills: Damaged ducts will do less work and use more energy which can increase your energy bills. The problem may be minor but that can have a huge impact on your energy bills. You can reduce these with professional duct repair.

    Why Choose City Duct Repair Services in Melbourne

    It’s easy to keep air ducts, ducted air conditioning and heating systems running at optimal levels with regular HVAC Duct Repair Melbourne services from us. Here are some more reasons for choosing us:

    01. Pocket-Friendly Charges

    You can trust us for affordable duct repair services. We provide you with the best air duct repair, heater duct repair, and cooling duct repair services at inexpensive rates.

    02. Certified Team

    The team has only certified technicians to give you high-quality service. You will find all professional duct repair technicians are well-trained and qualified.

    03. Emergency Assistance

    We are available at your convenience all day long! Yes, call us anytime our technicians help you in case of emergency duct repair, installation, and sealing services at your doorstep.

    04. Experienced Team

    Our team of experts has vast knowledge and experience to deal with your ducted system. So, rest assured your ducts are safe in our hands.

    05. Safety Is the Utmost Priority

    Our staff use the most effective repair methods that are safe and effective. We will ensure you have a good air quality experience in your residential or business area.

    06. The NADCA Standard Member

    Our Duct Repair team is a NADCA member and remains up to date with the ongoing technological advances in the ductwork industry.

    To learn more about how our service keeps you comfortable and saves you money on energy costs, speak with one of our experts today! You can also check Duct Cleaning Reviews to know more about our company and work style.

    Looking For Duct Repair Near Me? Contact Us!

    Get Duct Repair Services in Melbourne and Its Surrounding Suburbs

    Melbourne is a big coastal capital and the most famous city in the southeastern Australian state of Victoria. Melbourne covers around 9,993 km. We are happy to say that we can provide duct cleaning and repair services all over Melbourne.

    We cover all the suburbs including Point Cook, Springvale, Werribee, Narre Warren, Ringwood, Southbank, Cranbourne, Carrum Downs, Ferntree Gully, Hastings, and St Kilda. Melbourne Eastern Suburbs, East Melbourne, Rowville & Boronia are newly added regions to our service areas. We have all resources to reach these locations and serve people with duct cleaning and repair service needs.

    It’s Time To Call Our Melbourne Duct Repair Professionals And Solve The Problem Instantly

    If you do not want to increase the problems of your damaged ducts, then it’s time to call our Melbourne duct repair professionals and solve the problem instantly. Yes, we are available 24/7 to solve Duct Repair Melbourne problems instantly.



    Timely Duct Repair And Excellent Service

    Insulation in the attic blew and I booked an expert from this company. The expert arrived at the given time and solved my problem effectively. I will hire this team again if required in the future.

    Review From J. Ken

    J. Ken

    A Week Ago


    Grateful For Absolute Service

    Extremely well service and technicians who visited my home were absolutely fine. I am grateful for the absolute services and technicians this company has. If anyone has duct repair issues, I would recommend this company to you.

    Review From S. Melanie

    S. Melanie

    A Week Ago


    Very Well Company

    From the booking time to the end of the service, everything went very well. They are good at their work. They show formal behavior. The prices are clear and they do not waste time at all.

    Review From B. Donald

    B. Donald

    A Week Ago


    Very Satisfied With The Work

    It is not easy to clean and repair kitchen exhausts but this team did all the work easily. I am very satisfied with the work of your team. I am happy and would recommend your service to all having such problems as mine.

    Review From J. Lalor

    J. Lalor

    A Week Ago


    Great Team And Neat And Clean Work

    Both technicians were great in their work and timing. I am happy that I hired your team. My home air ducts are now working fine. Your technicians shared that there was a leak in the balcony area that has been insulated and sealed.

    Review From J. Rhodes

    J. Rhodes

    A Week Ago


    1. How much does ductwork rework cost?

      The cost of ductwork rework can vary depending on the extent of the work required and the size of the duct system, but it typically ranges from $1,000 to $5,000 in Melbourne and its suburbs.

    2. How do you fix damaged ducts?

      To fix damaged ducts, you can seal them using duct tape or mastic sealant. If the damage is severe, you may need to replace the affected section of ductwork.

    3. How much does it cost to fix the air vent?

      The cost of fixing an air vent can vary depending on the type of vent and the extent of the damage. It typically ranges from $50 to $300 in Melbourne and its suburbs.

    4. Is it worth it to replace ductwork?

      It can be worth it to repair ductwork if it is old, damaged, or inefficient. Repaired ductwork can improve the performance and efficiency of your HVAC system, leading to lower energy bills and better indoor air quality.

    5. How often should ducts be replaced?

      Ducts should be repaired every 10-15 years, or sooner if they are damaged or inefficient. Regular maintenance and cleaning can help extend the lifespan of your ductwork.


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