Terms and Conditions

Air Duct Cleaning

Following our terms and conditions, you can understand how we work. We assure you that we always take care of our responsibility while working. But it is essential to remember that we are not responsible for previous damage done to your air ducts and other ducted units cleaned by our team. This includes damages that may not be visible at first glance. Such damages may include but are not limited to:

  1. Cracked housing components on the unit
  2. UV fading or damage
  3. Damaged fins
  4. Damaged ducts

Our working and cleaning system have been strategically designed to operate seamlessly with correctly installed and designed air duct systems. With our advanced equipment, you may be sure that there is zero chance of damage occurring to your duct systems. While we take full responsibility for any issues as a result of our cleaning process. We cannot be held responsible if there were problems due to incorrect installation or design prior to our service.

It is important to turn off the electricity during our duct cleaning process. Please be aware that we are not liable for any problems that arise with any other appliances in the house during or after the cleaning.

Please note that air duct systems are vulnerable to power surges, and we cannot assume responsibility for any damages that may occur when you turn the electricity back on after cleaning.

Please note that we can clean internal and external units that are easily accessible. For some complex units, we may use mechanised cleaners that can go inside thin air ducts.

Work Safety

Our technicians prioritize safety and are equipped with the necessary training and liability insurance to work at heights and ensure a safe working environment. At City Duct Cleaning Melbourne, we understand the importance of ensuring workplace health and safety in various settings including homes, aged care facilities, schools, etc.

Rest easy knowing that all our jobs follow hs-in-the-workplace, and our technicians undergo intensive training before starting work, ensuring your peace of mind.

We understand that any job can come with unexpected incidents. That’s why we offer coverage for every job to protect our valued clients. You can trust us to have your back in any situation.

Our company ensures high standards for every job completed by our reliable team to meet and exceed your expectations. Our priority is your satisfaction. We promise to continue cleaning until we meet your expectations and leave you completely satisfied.


  1. Please be aware that we sometimes modify the prices of our services with previous notice.
  2. We have the right to modify or discontinue the Service (or any portion of it) at any time and with prior notice.
  3. We can modify the pricing changes and cancel the booking as per your needs. And, we may also discontinue the service according to the situation.

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