Evaporative Cooling vs Refrigerated Cooling

Evaporative Cooling vs Refrigerated Cooling

Evaporative cooling and refrigerated cooling are two different types of air conditioning systems that are used to cool buildings. Both evaporative and refrigerated cooling systems are very powerful and provide a lot of cooling and comfort. Each has its own set of advantages and disadvantages, and the best choice for a particular building will depend on the specific needs and conditions of the location. Contact City duct cleaning Melbourne To know in detail about evaporative cooling vs refrigerated cooling, read the blog carefully. 

Evaporative Cooling vs Refrigerated Cooling

Evaporative Cooling System-

Evaporative cooling systems work by cooling your house by taking the warm air inside the system and passing it through motioned pads. Once it passes through the motioned pads, it evaporates and then the cool air is distributed all over the house. Refrigerant gasses are not required in this type of cooling system and this system works best when the climate is dry. 

Refrigerated Cooling System- 

A refrigerated cooling system is a cooling system that works by removing the hot air from inside of your house and it uses refrigerated gasses for cooling the air in your house. Generally, this type of cooling system is made up of two components: an indoor fan coil and an outdoor condenser unit. This cooling system works in all climates and it also doesn’t get affected due to outdoor temperature. 

Advantages And Disadvantages Of Evaporative Cooling System


  1. Evaporative cooling systems are cheaper when compared to other cooling systems such as refrigerated cooling systems. 
  2. An evaporative cooling system uses a natural process and provides clean air. It is a completely healthy and environmentally friendly method. 
  3. This system is easy to use and requires very less maintenance compared to other cooling systems. 
  4. This system is useful in hot and dry climates. 


  1. This system is very much prone to leaks which could damage the floor and result in the collection of water inside the house.
  2. It doesn’t work in areas that are more humid. This is one of the major disadvantages of using an evaporative cooling system. 
  3. Another disadvantage of using an evaporative cooling system is that it requires a lot of water for this system. 

Advantages And Disadvantages Of Refrigerated Cooling- 


  1. One of the biggest advantages of a refrigerated cooling system is that it works best in all types of climates and weather conditions. 
  2. It is useful in providing uniform cooling in all areas of your house.
  3. It is an effective cooling system to get rid of the humidity in your house.
  4. It has the ability to provide both heating and cooling for your house.


  1. This type of cooling system has a higher upfront cost compared to other cooling systems. 
  2. This type of cooling system requires more maintenance compared to other systems. 
  3. This system re-circulates the air and can make it dry. 

Differences Between Evaporative Cooling And Refrigerated Cooling- 

Cost- The cost of an evaporative cooling system is cheaper than a refrigerated cooling system. The price for the installation of both systems can depend on factors such as which location of the house requires cooling and whether the cooling system is new or is it just a changeover. 

Performance- An evaporative cooling system works best when the temperature is warm and dry. If the temperature gets extreme and the humidity increases, the evaporative cooling system might not be as effective and useful when compared to a refrigerated cooling system. In case the temperature rises more than 38 degrees, the evaporative cooling system will stop working and when it comes to refrigerated cooling, it works best in all types of weather conditions. 

Maintenance- When it comes to maintenance, an evaporative cooling system has many benefits but it is important to clean it regularly to make it work to its potential. Dirt and debris might get accumulated easily which will also result in the growth of mould in it.  There is no accumulation of mineral deposits like salts in refrigerated cooling systems. It is important for consistent performance.  

Air Quality- Evaporative cooling provides fresh air by filtering the air of airborne allergens and dehumidifying it. Evaporative cooling is very healthy and can be used where people are allergic and have respiratory disorders. It also uses water as a natural coolant and lowers the carbon footprint. Evaporative cooling systems consume less electricity. 

When it comes to refrigerative cooling systems, it recirculates the indoor air which can make the indoor air stale. It removes moisture from the air which can cause dryness of the skin and eyes too. Refrigerated cooling systems require more electricity and carbon footprint. 


After comparing evaporative cooling vs refrigerated cooling, both have their own good and bad qualities. If you want an environmentally friendly and allergen-free cooling system, an evaporative cooling system is the best option for you. If you are looking for a versatile cooling system that can be used in all temperatures, you can go with a refrigerated cooling system. 

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