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Professional Duct Cleaning Services in Southbank

Ducts have become an integral part of most households these days. Because of constant use, ducts need routine cleaning to maintain their efficiency. City Duct Cleaning is here to make the job easier for you. With a proficient team of Duct cleaning Southbank technicians, we are available for you 24/7. Our professional duct cleaning services are for all residential and commercial places. You can reach us out through our toll-free number to make bookings.

We are very clear about everything we do and use for cleaning ducts and we have mentioned everything like process, pricing and our facilities for transparency.

Who We Are

City Duct Cleaning offers a wide variety of duct-related services, including ducted heating cleaning, HVAC cleaning, central ducted heating cleaning, air duct cleaning solutions and Duct repairing services.

Regarded as the number 1 duct cleaning company in Melbourne and its suburbs, we serve every nook and corner in Southbank including its neighbouring regions. With industry-grade resources and skilled professionals, we cater to all your tailored duct cleaning and repairing requirements. Moreover, for emergencies, we provide same-day duct cleaning services as well. To enjoy hassle-free, exceptional, and affordable duct cleaning Southbank services, you must remember our name.

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    5 Traits Your Home Duct Needs Professional Cleaning

    Pests often get stuck in the duct leading to a terrible odour. Also when left unclean for months, ducts attract loose dirt, grime, etc. degrading their efficiency. Here are a few signs that indicate that your duct or HVAC system needs a cleaning session performed by NADCA-certified professionals.

    • Increased energy bill
    • Inefficient cooling or heating
    • Foul odour coming through the ducts
    • Rodent or Possum tail visible from the duct
    • Mould or mildew growth in the duct inside out

    If you notice any of these above-mentioned signs, you must seek professional assistance to get rid of these issues and prevent ducts from an unexpected breakdown. This can help clean your home’s air duct as per your requirement and enhance its lifespan.

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    The Industry-Grade Duct Cleaning & Sanitization Services We Provide In Southbank And Its Neighbouring Areas

    • Air Duct Cleaning
    • Gas heater Cleaning
    • Dryer Duct Cleaning
    • Vent Register Cleaning
    • Split Systems-Cleaning
    • Return Air Duct Cleaning
    • Carbon Monoxide Testing
    • Underfloor Ducts Cleaning
    • Duct Heating Unit Cleaning
    • Heating Duct System Cleaning
    • Residential gas duct cleaning
    • Central Ducted Heating Cleaning
    • Radiant Heating System Cleaning
    • Evaporative Cooling Duct Cleaning
    • Geothermal Ducted Heating Cleaning
    • Underfloor Heating Ductwork Cleaning
    • Ducted Reverse Cycle System Cleaning
    • Ducted Gas Central Heating Cleaning
    • Steam Radiant Heating System Cleaning
    • Reverse-cycle air conditioners Cleaning
    • Hot Water Baseboard Heating System Cleaning
    • Forced Air Heating and Cooling System Cleaning

    We are offering special discounts on duct sanitization, CO2 testing, deodorising & return vent cleaning solutions. Speak to our professionals to learn more about the offers.

    Licensed And Experienced Duct Cleaning Experts & Licensed Ventilator Inspector

    Our Duct Cleaning Southbank professionals have ASCS certification in cleaning operations that proves their skills and proficiency in duct cleaning, CO2 testing, deodorisation & duct sanitisation.

    Our team member completed the below-listed ASCS certification.

    • Knowledge about HVAC system and its different parts
    • A comprehensive understanding of the advantages of energy savings.
    • An extensive course on enhanced indoor air quality improvement with duct cleaning.
    • Knowledge on boosting the ductwork’s lifespan
    • Understanding of different components of the Duct System, including pipeworks, coils, return air duct, and so on
    • Knowledge concerning HVAC System Inspection, contamination level prior to cleaning
    • Understanding of Health, Safety & Risk management.
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    How Frequently Should You Clean The Air Duct Vent In Southbank?

    Since Southbank, Melbourne has an unexpected climate, homeowners need to turn on and off their air ducts every now and then. Because of constant use, the ducts need to be cleaned very frequently. Else carbon monoxide can build in it, inducing toxicity and contaminating your whole room. Many homeowners book duct inspections twice a year to remain safe. Many homeowners call us quarterly for duct cleaning. Kitchen air ducts require cleaning every month.

    Do you know who can help you to clean your air ducts? Infusing industry expertise and modern equipment, we specialise in cleaning all types of air ducts throughout Southbank, including heating and cooling appliance, underfloor heating ducts, exhaust cleaning, ducted cooler, heating duct vents cleaning, and residential gas duct cleaning. Employing state-of-the-art solutions and tailored duct cleaning approaches, we enhance duct airflow, reducing energy consumption. Give us a call today to book your Duct cleaning Southbank services.

    Is Acquiring HVAC Duct Cleaning Services Worth The Investment?

    Certainly! Obtaining professional HVAC duct cleaning services is definitely worth the price. Following are some reasons that prove cleaning the ducts with professional assistance is a must.

    • Cleaning helps to remove grime and dust mites along with vermin in ducts.
    • Eliminates the mould and mildew growth
    • Improve the inner air quality
    • Remove cigarette smoke and other odours
    • Disinfect contamination inside the air ducts
    • Eradicate hair from the ducts

    Thing We Love About Southbank

    Southbank is bordered to the north by the Yarra River, and to the east by St Kilda Road. Southbank’s southern and western borders are bounded by Dorcas Street, Kings Way, Market Street, Ferrars Street, and a triangle bordered by Gladstone Street, Montague Street, and the West Gate Freeway.
    We provide Professional Duct Cleaning and Repair Services in Southbank since 1997. If your are looking for such services just give us a call or book us online. Check the following area where we serve:


    Statistics- City Duct Cleaning In Southbank(VIC)

    The statistics on duct cleaning always refer to a single thing: getting your ducts cleaned routinely. In case your HVAC system has filthy and dust-filled air ducts it will contaminate your room’s air ambience, causing different threatening health hazards. If you skip duct cleaning for a long time, it can overheat your HVAC system, reducing its efficiency and lifespan. For better living and enhanced functionality of your HVAC system, opt for our Duct Cleaning Southbank services now. Some important stats on duct cleaning:

    • After obtaining our duct cleaning services, our clients have noticed a 15% reduction in electricity bills.
    • Due to dirty and filthy air ducts, your home’s indoor air quality can be toxic 70 times more than the outdoor air.
    • Since children breathe faster by inhaling more air, they can be the worst victim of faulty ducts.
    • People prone to allergies can become severely ill because of the presence of allergens and bacteria inside the air ducts.
    • Routine cleaning can restore your HVAC system’s efficiency, saving on your energy bills.
    • You can enjoy a better living promoting hygiene inside your premises after cleaning your air ducts.

    Can Professional Duct Cleaning Improve The Working Capacity Of An Air Duct?

    When ducts are in their best-fit condition, they perform their duty of keeping your home warm and cosy when the temperature is minus and cool and fresh in summer. But with time and use, these ducts attract allergens, pollens, dirt, debris, etc. which spread into the air, polluting the overall ambience. Also, a congested duct consumes more energy, increasing the electricity bills. Our expert team cleans ducts and resolves their issues at a highly affordable pricing plan. After getting our services, you can enjoy the following benefits:

    • A sudden increase in the performance of ducts
    • Reduced energy bills
    • Can do savings on repair costs
    • Efficiency increases 2X

    Types Of Duct Cleaning Solutions Available At City Duct Cleaning

    At City Duct Cleaning, you can get an extensive range of duct cleaning.

    Central Heating System Duct Cleaning

    Don’t you want your central heating ducts to keep your room comfortable by spreading warm air to every corner of your room? Then our duct cleaning Southbank services are your best bet. The service includes cleaning returning air outlets and air vents. Our services make your heating ducts more efficient and consume less energy. With our reasonable heating duct cleaning services, you can run energy-efficient central heating systems.

    Dryer Duct Cleaning Southbank

    When ducts remain clogged, the consequences can be threatening and even deadly. But with our high-quality dryer duct cleaning services, you can bring back the efficiency of your duct, reduce your power bills, promote hygiene and save your pocket from the hefty dryer duct replacement charges. We clean your dryer duct completely eliminating dirt and debris and extending the durability of the duct. Our cleaning also reduces energy bills.

    Ducted Heating Unit Services Southbank

    Using state-of-the-art technology and our industry expertise, we perform your duct cleaning program incredibly, ensuring the best possible results. With our reliable services, you can keep your heating duct in its best condition, saving your home from intolerable heat in summer and freezing cold in winter.

    Coil Cleaning Southbank

    Are you lately getting a high power bill? It’s probably because of your dirty duct. With regular coil cleaning, you can keep your duct running great and energy bills low. The dirt grime and grease trapped in the coil reduced its efficiency and increased its urge of consuming more energy, resulting in a high hike in the bills. So to give your ducted systems the best care, get our coil cleaning services now.

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    Image of all duct cleaning Southbank

    Evaporative Cooling System Duct Cleaning

    Besides dirt and grime build-up, there are multiple cleaning reasons that can be responsible for the inefficient performance of your cooling system. To detect the cause and maintain your cooling system, we provide duct cleaning services. To get our same-day service, reach out today!

    Return Vent Cleaning Southbank

    Our technicians are professionally trained and experienced and thus offer you flawless duct cleaning Southbank services. If you need return vent cleaning services, we are just a call away. You can get same-day cleaning services at reasonable pricing and the best results. Also, we try our best to end the complete process with safe & eco-friendly methods.

    Air Ducts Sanitisation And Deodorisation

    Is your air ducts the home of dust, insects, moulds, and dust mites? Worry not, our professionals are right here to make air ducts clean and germ-free. We use safe and mild sanitising and deodorising solutions to make your ducts germ-free and fresh-smelling.

    AC Duct Cleaning Southbank

    We promise to cater to all your specific requirements for AC duct cleaning with our foolproof solutions. Our AC duct cleaning services are very affordable and offer the finest results. You can get with us same-day cleaning, competitive duct cleaning cost, timely services and quality air condition cleaning in Southbank.

    CO Testing & Inspection

    Gas ovens, heaters, stoves etc. can be responsible for CO gas production inside your premises. You must make sure to run a CO inspection and testing routinely. We can help you in that case. With a team of potent CO inspectors, we detect the presence of toxic gas inside your home and eradicate it right away. It includes the assessment of CO in the duct system, CO in gas heater ducts, testing & cleaning of CO in return air filters and CO in kitchen ducts. For safety, you can get a CO detector tool installed at your premises or seek professional assistance for testing CO levels as well as cleaning and maintaining your ducts and chimneys routinely.

    Mould Growth In Air Ducts? Check Out The Consequences

    Moulds are deeply attracted to moist areas, and air ducts become their perfect shelter. Moulds infest HVAC systems and air ducts. Besides damaging your system, they can lead to several health issues like allergies, respiratory illness, watery eyes, etc. Moreover, moulds can also make your living miserable with their bad odour. Worry not as we at City Duct Cleaning are here to resolve mould build-up. We not only clean and sanitise your ducts eliminating moulds but also prevent future infestation.

    Queries We Make Before Initiating Our Duct Cleaning Southbank Services

    To give you a quote based on your duct cleaning requirements, we ask the following questions to our clients while booking:

    • How many ducts are to be cleaned?
    • Whether it is a floor or ceiling duct?
    • Is same-day service required?
    • Shall we include sanitising and deodorising solutions?

    Steps We Employ To Clean Air Ducts

    For delivering excellent results, we strictly follow our 5-step duct cleaning program:

    1. We first inspect the air ducts to check their current condition, and the level of dirt and grime trapped in it.
    2. After that, we open all the covers of your air ducts and clean all the components thoroughly using industry-grade tools and solvents.
    3. Our professionals insert a hose pipe along with a rotating brush and eliminate all possible traces of dirt and grime from within.
    4. After that, our professionals clean, return and supply air plenums.
    5. Once we make your air ducts clean and spotless with all the scrubbing and washing, we spray antimicrobial mist and leave your air duct germ-free and fresh-smelling.

    Things To Expect From Our Professional Duct Cleaners

    • Our professionals seal the ducts to keep away pests and rodents.
    • We make sure your air ducts are clean, spotless and unblemished.
    • Turn on your HVAC system after cleaning to check the improvement in its performance.
    • We handle the cleaning program gently ensuring no harm is caused to your HVAC system

    Duct Cleaning Prices In Southbank

    There are a lot of companies who lure you with deals and offers on duct cleaning, ultimately scamming you with hidden and additional charges at the end. But we at City Duct Cleaning are completely different. We keep our pricing plan reasonable and transparent to give your clients the best duct cleaning experience. The duct cleaning charges start from $180 for cleaning per duct and vent.

    1. 1 TO 6 duct – $180
    2. If 6 AND Above $30 Per Duct
    4. CLEANING ADD-ONS: – Sanitization – Deodoriser – Anti-bacterial treatment.

    Neighbouring Suburbs Of Southbank Where We Serve

    • South Wharf
    • Docklands
    • Albert Park
    • South, North & East Melbourne
    • Carlton
    • South Yarra
    • Richmond

    Let us help you have a better lifestyle with a cleaner air duct at home! Call us now to make your bookings.

    Why Should You Choose Us For Duct Cleaning In Southbank?

    When it comes to duct cleaning services, we are your safest bet. At City Duct Cleaning, we collaborate with local, skilled and well-experienced technicians who serve you fruitfully, leaving no room for complaint. Here is what makes us your top-of-the-line choice for duct cleaning Southbank services.

    • Same-day duct cleaning services
    • More than $ 2 million of liability insurance
    • Punctual and trustworthy team members
    • 100% client satisfaction
    • 24/7 availability
    • Services are available even on holidays
    • Infinite 5-star reviews and ratings from old customers
    • Timely services & prompt response
    • Skilled and gentle booking staff
    • Professional network on social media and LinkedIn
    • NADCA-certified professionals with several years of experience

    With City Duct Cleaning, you can get both air duct cleaning and cooling and heating duct cleaning services. Hire us now to have healthier, more hygienic and more comfortable living in Southbank.

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    Same Day Duct Cleaning Services in Southbank

    Location :-

    215 Lygon St, Carlton VIC 3053, Australia

    0488 851 508

    Hours of Operation : Mon-Sun 6:00 am-9:00 pm

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    What Our Clients Are Saying

    Professional and transparent

    25 February 2023

    I had a terrible experience with a different duct cleaning company in the past, so I was hesitant to try again. However, I’m glad I gave it another shot with this company. From start to finish, the team was professional and transparent about the process. They took the time to explain what they were doing and why, and they provided before and after photos to show the results of their work. They even gave me tips on how to maintain my ducts to prevent future buildup. I appreciate the extra effort they put in to ensure I was satisfied with the service.

    M. Milligan

    Extremely satisfied

    25 February 2023

    I recently had my ducts cleaned by a professional company and I’m extremely satisfied with the results. The team was punctual and courteous, and they worked efficiently to get the job done. They used state-of-the-art equipment to thoroughly clean my ducts, removing years of accumulated dust and debris. The air quality in my home has noticeably improved since the cleaning, and I no longer have to worry about breathing in harmful particles. I highly recommend this company for anyone in need of duct cleaning services.

    J. Maclaren

    Great Service

    25 February 2023

    Checking the ducts and cleaning, everything was great. Your team was at my place with all equipment and preparations required for professional-grade duct cleaning. Great to have you for the service.


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    FAQs :

    If you see dirt inside air ducts and feel less warmth or cooler air at your home, your ducts probably might need professional cleaning.

    If you handle it on your own, it can get a little messy. But if you let professionals handle it, your ducts can be cleaned easily without creating any mess at all!

    Not only insects and rodents but also duct cleaning can remove other pests that invade your ducts silently. Duct cleaning is a necessity.


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