Customer Experiences with City Duct Cleaning

Hi, I am Mc Donald’s manager of one of the stores in Melbourne. I called this company to check on the ventilation hygiene of the air ducts. Their technicians arrived and found that the ventilator was blocked completely. There was a lot of dust and grime around it. This would affect the staff as well as their customers. Hence, the team cleaned the ventilation system and removed all the kitchen grime.
Hi, I am the owner of an MNC, living in the neighborhood of the City Duct Cleaning office. I called this company for fire damper drop testing. Sometimes, there can be a fire accident and the ducts can catch fire. In such times, it becomes very easy for any combustible object lying in close proximity to the ducts to burst into flames. So, the team came and found that the fire dampers were covered in dust. So, they cleaned them as well as the ducts and conducted the drop test.
I am Rose, a permanent customer of this company. I always call this company when my ducts have problems. This time my ducts were making weird noises. The team arrived and found the ducts in the kitchen were making grumbling noises every time I switched them on. The team of professionals inspected the whole system. They found that the ducts were covered in grime and dust. They cleaned and sanitized them.
I am Ross, an owner of a restaurant in Melbourne. I called this company to check Co2 levels for the air ducts. The team of professionals reached my place immediately. They found that the ducts were old and they emitted a lot of CO and Co2. This could indeed be dangerous for the customers as well as staff. Your professionals cleaned all the ducts, and vents, and serviced the whole system.
I am Marry, I called this company stating that there could be a rodent infestation in my ducts. I was not sure of it but I was getting a bad smell of dead rodents. When the team reached the place they found that every time I switched on the duct in the kitchen, the smell was coming. Upon proper inspection, your professionals found that there were dead rodents in the ducts. So, your team cleaned the ducts properly. They even sanitized and deodorized them.


How To Remove Unwanted Smells

How To Remove Unwanted Smells Which Settle Into Your Ducts?

Air ducts are those through which air passes. Air ducts are the main source of ventilation in the rooms. Maintaining the cleanliness of these ducts is important as dirty-smelling ducts directly affect our health. So, powerful vacuums will whisk away all dust and dirt, preventing it from spreading in the home & remove unwanted smells […]

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Brivis Ducted Heating Unit Replacement Cost Service Melbourne

Brivis Ducted Heating Unit Replacement Cost Melbourne

Brivis Ducted Heating Unit Replacement Cost: 7 Things to Keep in Mind Before Taking Service Installation complexity, ducting condition, zoning, and the star rating of the system all have a role in the final price of a ducted heating replacement, which may vary from $1990 to $4000. We estimate that replacing a 3 Star Rated, […]

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Can I Clean Out My Own Air Ducts?

Yes, you can clean air ducts on your own but have to keep a few safety considerations in mind while doing this job. A simple and most important safety consideration before you start duct cleaning is to wear a mask to prevent restoration irritations. If you are wondering how often “Can I clean out my […]

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